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Welcome to our Poetry Corner!

As of 2021, according to the Human Rights Campaign, there are at least 20 Million Adult Americans who identify with the LGBTQIA+ Community. 


In 2020, the percentage of Americans who identified as a member of the pride community was 5.6%, yet in 2021, 7.1% of Americans identified as community members. With such a large and growing amount of people who are comfortable being truthful about their sexual identities, there are of course still minds, hearts, and perspectives to educate for change.


As of 2022, the PEW Research Center reported, 58% of the rainbow community were subjected to discriminatory slurs or jokes, 39% reported being rejected by a family member because of their sexual orientation, and 30% revealed that they had been threatened or physically attacked. 


Join the fight for equality with us! 

“I swear to the Lord, I still can’t see, why Democracy means, everybody but me.”

-Langston Hughes

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